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Another Step Toward Sustainable Recreation

Another Step Toward Sustainable Recreation

Dear Friends,

Over the course of many years and with public involvement, we have temporarily closed a few facilities to help make Land Between the Lakes more financially sustainable. These temporary closures were part of the 2012 Budget Reduction meetings, where you helped the Forest Service develop a plan to deal with reductions in the budget. This is one more step toward sustainable recreation.

Model shed
This building near Model Tower.

So what does this mean?

In several locations, structures and unused wells still exist. This adds $730,000 to our deferred maintenance backlog. Removal of the remaining structures will begin soon and will help to provide safer opportunities. By reducing our deferred maintenance backlog, we can compete for and leverage more dollars to benefit other recreation sites.

Structures at Bacon Creek, Jones Creek and Rushing Creek Campgrounds and buildings from the Model Tower area will be removed. Old, out of use wells will be closed at Birmingham Ferry and Rushing Creek Campgrounds.

Model admin building
Model Administration building will be removed.

A long life…too long…

These structures are old, exceeded their life expectancy and intended use. Many are now unsafe and economically unfeasible to repair. Any renovations or further deterioration could lead to public safety issues.

Well, well…

Wells at Birmingham Ferry and Rushing Creek were shut down in 2013 as part of the 2012 Budget Reduction Plan. These wells will now close per the Kentucky and Tennessee State Water Wastewater Environmental Protection Agency regulations using certified Well Service Vendors.

Birmingham Ferry well house
Birmingham Ferry well will be closed properly and well-house will be decommissioned.

What does the future hold for these areas?

The answer to that question is up to you. We want to work with all of you to decide how we go forward in a financially sustainable way. By staying engaged, you can help us decide how best to use the funds we have.

Let’s work together to decide what the future holds for these recreation sites.

For the greater good…

The overall effort to remove these structures aligns with the US Forest Service’s Regional and National objectives to develop more relevant, sustainable, resilient and mission prioritized facilities.

In other words, we want to put the funds we have where they best serve our public’s needs.

Enjoy your public lands and take care,

Jeff Laird
Customer Service Manager
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

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