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Building a New Home for Bobcat

Building a New Home for Bobcat

The Friends of Land Between the Lakes has launched a online fundraising campaign to raise $35,000 for a new enclosure for the bobcat at the Woodlands Nature Station. The Bobcat at Woodlands Nature Station
website address to donate is The site will be available for donations through August 16, 2018.

Lead Naturalist John Pollpeter says “We hope all of our friends and regular visitors to the Woodlands Nature Station will take this opportunity to support this project with a financial donation. The existing enclosure was built in 1995. A new habitat will offer the bobcat a more natural and enriching space. The plan is to include more environmental features such as tall grass, boulders, rock shelves and hollow logs, which will lead to more exercise and shelter for our bobcat friend.”

Bobcat at Woodlands Nature StationFriends of Land Between the Lakes Executive Director John Rufli added “A challenge will be constructing the new enclosure in a short amount of time that will provide the least impact to the bobcat’s routine as well as a minimal impact to the visitors’ experiences at the Nature Station. This is a tremendous opportunity for our supporters to help us fulfill our mission of environmental education.”

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