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Elk are Shedding Velvet

Elk are Shedding Velvet

Submitted by Curtis Fowler, Range Technician at Land Between The Lakes

Some of you may notice that several of the elk are losing their velvet, which is the fuzzy growing layer that covers their antlers from spring until…about this time of the year.

The elk’s antlers are more brittle during this growth time.  Once the velvet stops growing, the elk start to rub it off using branches and tree trunks.  The antlers will harden completely in time for the breeding season, well-polished and ready to fight.

Come on out and see if you can spot one!

Elk shedding in the Elk & Bison Prairie, Photo by Ray Stainfield
Elk shedding in the Elk & Bison Prairie in August 2015, Photo by Ray Stainfield

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