Land and Resource Management

Land and Resource Management

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area offers multiple uses for recreation and environmental education which require multiple tools for land and resource management.

While visiting, you may see various management activities in progress. In some areas we maintain open lands using prescribed fire. In other areas you might see trees being planted, thinned, or harvested. These efforts offer diverse habitats for the plant and animal communities of our area. For instance, some tree species require full sunlight to grow and birds like quail require ground cover to hide their nests from predators.

Our Land and Resource Management Plan created in 2004 still guides our resource management efforts today.

Land Between the Lakes Mission

To protect and manage the resources of Land Between the Lakes for optimum yield of outdoor recreation and environmental education for the American people. In so doing, to utilize the demonstration assignment to authorize, cooperate in, test, and demonstrate innovative programs and cost effective management; to help stimulate the development of the surrounding region; and to extend the beneficial results as widely as possible.

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