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Bird is the Word

Bird is the Word

On Saturday, May 10, we will devote a whole day for you to learn about some of the 250 species of birds at Land Between The Lakes.

White-Breasted Nuthatch, Photo by Ron Kruger
White-Breasted Nuthatch, Photo by Ron Kruger

Our Woodlands Nature Watch Area provides some of the best birding in the South. Conveniently located in the crossroads of many different habitats and part of the Mississippi flyway, Land Between The Lakes attracts quite a diversity of birds. We are located between the eastern forests and the western prairies, as well as the northern dwelling birds mixing with the southern species. This combination makes the beginning of May the peak for spotting and listening to a variety of songbirds in our recreation area.

The Woodlands Nature Watch allows easy access for birders to spot some great traveling and rare species. You will find paved woodland roads taking you to varied habitats such as bottomland forest, tall grass prairie, and river shoreline. Look into the canopy for prothonotaries, parulas, and pewees. Search out cerulean, blue grosbeaks, and snowy egrets.

The Nature Station will be hosting a number of different programs throughout the day on May 10th.

Stop by the Nature Station anytime to speak with one of our naturalists. They can tell you what’s out and about and where to find wildlife at Land Between The Lakes.
Happy Birding! – John Pollpeter, Lead Naturalist at Woodlands Nature Station

Birding Bonanza
Saturday, May 10
10am-4pm: Backyard Scavenger Hunt
10am: Truly Talon-ted
11am: Adult Nature Series: Watching Warblers
1pm: From Hummingbirds to Hawks: Backyard Birding for Kids
3pm: Welcome Back Hummingbirds!

Nature Station Journal-May 2014

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