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Bison-Balance of Power

Bison-Balance of Power
Two bison bulls
Two bison bulls, one is 11 years old (right) and one is 3 years old (left)

Submitted by Curtis Fowler, Range Technician at Land Between The Lakes

Here’s a photo showing two bison bulls seen side by side.

The larger bull is in good condition and size for breeding at age 11.  The other fellow is one of our newer bulls from Nebraska, and is bulking up for his tryouts but is only 3 years old and not big enough to push the others around yet.

As you can see, the older bull’s horns are more rounded from wear, while the younger bull’s horns are still shaped like daggers.  There is about a 500 pound difference in weight at this point, and of course the hair style is not as tightly groomed as the old professional’s.

Some time in the future these otherwise docile gents will tussle, and the balance of power will eventually shift to the younger, swifter bull, but he’ll likely take some hard punches as he earns his stripes between now and then.

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