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Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area



Pick a spot, pitch your tent, or park your RV – start making memories with us! Land Between the Lakes offers a variety camping opportunities for you. Bring your boat! Boat ramps can be found throughout Land Between the Lakes with access to both Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. Take the challenge! Travel the 300 mile undeveloped shoreline and camp along the way.

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General Regulations

*Any camping equipment left unattended or left on a site longer than allotted time may be towed/removed at owner's expense.

Basic and Backcountry Camping

Each person 18 and older must possess a Basic and Backcountry Camping Permit

Basic and Backcountry Camping is prohibited:

Basic Camping Facilities with Boat Ramps:

Some areas have picnic tables, fire rings, dumpsters, and toilets.

Basic Camping Permits available:

Seasonal Camping: Call 270.924.2044; Short term sites, three to nine months, are available at Cravens Bay Camping Campground and Taylor Bay Backcountry Campground.

Colson Hollow Group Camp: Call 270.924.2044; Reservation required Fees begin at $40.

Self-Service Campgrounds

Read sign and instructions at entrance. The Basic/Backcountry Camping Permit is not applicable at Self-Service Camping Areas.

Cravens Bay, Fenton, Nickell Branch, Birmingham Ferry, Smith Bay, Sugar Bay, Taylor Bay, Boswell Landing, Gatlin Point and Redd Hollow are small campgrounds that have designated sites with access to picnic tables, fire rings, toilets, boat ramps, and dumpsters. In addition, Cravens Bay has flush toilets and sells ice seasonally; Fenton offers designated sites with electric hook-ups.

Protect Heritage and Natural Resources

Rules of the Road


A person must carry all his/her camping equipment and personal belongings in a backpack and wear it on his/her back; walk via a hiking trail to camp one or more nights, generally moving along the trail to a different location by foot each day. This does not include parking a vehicle and carrying supplies by hand to a campsite nearby.

Developed Campground Regulations

Hillman Ferry, Piney, Energy, and Wranglers Campgrounds.