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Land Between the Lakes Geocache Challenge

Land Between the Lakes Geocache Challenge

Visitors claimed all 100 geocache coins recently. This year’s challenge is over. The geocaches at Land Between the Lakes were more than just GPS points, though. They highlighted important historic locations and gave geocachers a chance to explore the area.

We received numerous comments from participants. Take a moment to read a few.

KY Hiker On Fulton Furnace

“Our second of the day and loved the hike to this location. Outstanding history lesson and special cache challenge. To make it interesting we hiked a different way out and did more exploring on this perfect day. Loving this Challenge and the interesting places you have shared. Thanks!”

2016 Geocache Challenge, photo by "amandajane14"
2016 Geocache Challenge, photo by “amandajane14”

Section8_paintball on Keen Johnson

“Cool place. Loved the well. watch that mashed down fence. Almost got me. Signed the log and took the tag. Too cool! I have camped along this road many many times and never knew this was here. As we returned to the car, there was a pair of eagles that came overhead and circles and screeched for several minutes as they apparently had a midair discussion….(I think the wife won. lol) Now, on to the other 4 very soon,!”

KYhistorymom01 on Acree

“Beautiful hike. Spent a while just looking around during the hike showing my kids all of the history and neat things. Thanks for putting this one out there and giving us the opportunity to show

2016 Geocache Challenge
2016 Geocache Challenge, photo by “the bugaboos”

our kids some really neat things. Took a tag, only 2 more to go. :)”

TheBugaboos on Acree

“This was the most difficult cache we have ever done. As two very overweight individuals, this was down right uncomfortable and intense at times, but we did it! We signed the log & left our signature bugs. Thanks for the challenge and the reminder that anything is possible!”

Stay tuned for next year’s Heritage Geocache Challenge and your next opportunity to learn about and explore Land Between the Lakes. Let us know what you liked, and what you’d like to see.

Chris Thornock, Acting Heritage Program Manager
[email protected]

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