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Land Between the Lakes 2021 Heritage Geocache Challenge: The Civil War in Stewart County

Stewart County Geocache Challenge Coin
2021 Stewart County Geocache Challenge Coin

The Land Between the Lakes 2021 Heritage Geocache Challenge: The Civil War in Stewart County
The Heritage Geocache Challenge begins Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

The annual Heritage Geocache Challenge is put on by the Heritage Program at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area as part of our outreach to the public, to get people to explore their forest and their history, and to share the unique heritage of the families from Between the Rivers.

About the Geocaches

This is the sixth year of the Heritage Geocache Challenge at the Land Between the Lakes and, like in previous years, we like people to learn about the histories and events that took place between the rivers. In each watertight box is a laminated and folded card with information about sites near where you are visiting. Take a moment to look this card over and you might see a historical photo and learn about the people who once lived in this wonderful place we now call the Land Between the Lakes! The geocaches might not always be located at the precise location discussed on the cards, so explore the area and see what you can find.
For the “Land Between the Lakes 2021 Heritage Geocache Challenge: The Civil War in Stewart County”, there are 6 geocaches placed in Stewart County in Land Between the Lakes related to the Civil War history and heritage of the area. If you locate each geocache, and collect a numbered aluminum tree tag from each cache, you can turn them in at the Golden Pond Visitor Center for one of 150 Challenge Coins created for this event.

Respect the Resource

We definitely ask that you respect the cultural and environmental resources that belong to us all on the National Recreation Area. Each and every one of us are stewards of the land. This year’s Challenge will begin on April 21st- the day before Earth Day! If you pack it in, please pack it out and feel free to remove any modern trash that might have been accidentally dropped by fellow hikers or geocachers. But don’t remove or disturb cultural items that might have been there for decades as these offer us clues to the way people lived and used the landscape in the past.

Links and Resources: Here’s How You Can Get Started!

If you’re interested in participating in the 2021 Heritage Geocache Challenge, visit and find “LBL Heritage” after registering (if you haven’t already).

There are 6 geocache locations focusing on Stewart County Heritage. Links to each of this year’s individual geocaches are posted below. You must be logged in to for these links to work:
The Picket Loop Geocache:
The Telegraph Trail Geocache:
The Ironclad Gunboats of the Civil War Geocache:
The Fort Henry Earthworks Geocache:
The Captain Jack Hinson Geocache:
The Civil War Cemetery Geocache:

If you’re using the Geocaching app, you can also search by Geocache (begins with “GC”):
• The Picket Loop Geocache: GC99B0N
• The Telegraph Trail Geocache: GC99B23
• The Ironclad Gunboats Geocache: GC99B2V
• The Fort Henry Earthworks Geocache: GC99AYA
• The Captain Jack Hinson Geocache: GC99CF0
• The Civil War Cemetery Geocache: GC99B02

Here are some hints:
• None of them are hard to get too, but a couple are decent walks and one is at the top of a steep hill.
• We don’t recommend anyone try to reach the Civil War Cemetery by vehicle. Instead, we recommend parking at the Picket Loop trail head and doing the loop counter-clockwise. It’s a short trail and the two geocaches on it were, in part, a way to promote the trail. The Civil War Cemetery is on the way back from Picket Loop cache on the Picket Loop Trail if hiked CCW.
• For those thinking of bushwhacking the Picket Loop cache (i.e. going due north instead of making the loop) it’ll actually take about 10 minutes longer than just sticking to the trail. I bushwhacked in to place it and followed the trail back out. The trail is a MUCH easier walk. But bushwhacking is fun!
• The Jack Hinson cache is on the top of a hill overlooking the Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake. It is located only about 0.1 miles from the parking area, but if you try to walk straight toward it, it will be a steep climb up the hill. Take your time.
• DO NOT be tempted to drive a vehicle across the stream at the Telegraph Trail cache. Park and walk the foot bridge. It isn’t far and much cheaper than the ticket.
• Park at the gate and enjoy the relatively level but peaceful walk to the Gunboats cache just north of Neville Bay.
• Try to avoid walking on the earthworks ridge as you go to the Ft Henry Earthworks cache. 150 coins this year means around 200 people which can cause a lot of trample and erosion. Respect the resource for future visitors!

Happy Geocaching!

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