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Home Cooking with the Homeplace Cookbook

Home Cooking with the Homeplace Cookbook

Submitted by Brian Truskey, Apprentice at Land Between The Lakes

The Homeplace History and Receipt Book
The Homeplace History and Receipt Book

By popular demand, the Homeplace gathered all their recipes saved throughout the years. The staff then…

  • Tested the recipes,
  • Adapted the ingredients to today’s language, and
  • Compiled them in to one cookbook of our favorite recipes

The Homeplace History and Receipt Book covers the history, folklore and delicious recipes that would be seen on an upper southern farm a decade before the civil war. Many of the recipes have been handed down through the generations.

Look for The Homeplace History and Receipt Book in our gift shops and online. All proceeds go to our interpretive programs at Land Between The Lakes.

The Friends of Land Between The Lakes produced this cookbook as a fund raiser to help supplement operations at the Homeplace 1850s working farm and living museum in addition to their work with the Golden Pond Planetarium and Woodlands Nature Station.

Get your copy today. Bon appétit!

Homeplace Hoe Cakes

2 cups cornmeal (white is more traditional, but you can use yellow; stoneground is best)
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup boiling water
1 tablespoon bacon drippings (if you don’t use drippings, olive oil will work)

Combine the cornmeal and salt in a mixing bowl. Stir in boiling water. Divide the mix into eight portions, shaping each into an approximately three inch (diameter) circle. In a skillet (cast iron if possible), heat the drippings until drops of water hop. Fry over medium heat, turning till brown. Serve warm!

Find more delicious recipes to bring to your dining table in the Homeplace cookbook!

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