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Questions from the Public

Questions from the Public

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June 23, 2015

Dear Friends,

It is my hope to be transparent in our management practices at Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area. We want to collaborate with you, members of the public and our partners, to make Land Between The Lakes the best it can be for our visitors, gateway communities, and our region.

We will be answering questions originated from the various discussions, listening sessions, and meetings we held with members of the public and our partners.

This Q&A Index will provide links to these questions and answers. This first update includes the notes from our listening sessions. These notes were reported by a professional note taker included with the facilitator contract. We only corrected misspelled names. The rest of the note documents are as we received them.

There will be a link to this index on our home page at You can also find these postings online through the Blog tab under the pull-down menu on “categories” by choosing Questions from the Public.

This Q&A Index post will be updated periodically as we answer more questions and continue to engage with you.  Listening and learning is important to me.  Sharing what we have heard is also important to moving forward together.

Thank you.

Tina R. Tilley
Area Supervisor

P.S. These links will take you directly to the answer page for that topic and to meeting notes.

Listening Session Notes

What happened at the meetings?

Listening Session-3: June 16, 2015 at Stewart County Visitor Center, TN
Listening Session-2: June 11, 2015 at Kentucky Dam Village Resort Park, KY
Listening Session-1: May 21, 2015 at Kenlake State Resort Park, KY
Planning Meeting: April 28, 2015 at Kenlake State Resort Park, KY

Questions from the Public


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Natural Resource Management:


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