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Red Wolf Puppy Update

Red Wolf Puppy Update

Baby’s first words

By John Pollpeter, Lead Naturalist, Woodlands Nature Station

At four months old, our red wolf pup tries hard to be a part of the pack. In this video dated August 20, 2014 – like baby’s first words – the little pup attempts her first howls.



Our pup weighs about 18 pounds. She easily runs with mom and dad. She often steals food from her parents and has not learned to share quite yet.

We encourage you to watch the family dynamics. We suspect her father feels she’s a pest. Her sharp baby teeth poke at his tender ears and snout; even a gruff growl does not discourage her.

When visiting, you want to be quiet as she frightens easily by strange sights and sounds which causes her to duck into the closest den.

She will be with us for the next 18 months at least. At that time she will start her own pack at another nature center.

This little red wolf pup represents the future of her critically endangered species. There are only 258 red wolves left in the world.

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