Land Between the Lakes offers an extensive network of trails for backpacking adventures through the gently rolling hills, scenic lakeshores, and forests of Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

Backpacking is the activity of traveling/hiking/walking from one place to another while carrying your clothes and other things you need in a backpack. A backpacker at Land Between the Lakes carries all their camping equipment and personal belongings in a backpack on their back while walking via a hiking trail in order to camp one or more nights. Backpackers generally travel along the trail to a different location by foot each day.

Please note that parking a vehicle and carrying supplies by hand to a campsite along a trail is not considered backpacking.

Overnight Backpacking on Trails

Water is not available on trails. There are a few seasonal springs. You must carry water and/or bring a filter to use when you find water (lakeshore). Water is available at Golden Pond Visitor Center and dump stations in Land Between the Lakes.

Trails where overnight backpacking is allowed:

Camping in a Designated Basic Camping Facility

If you plan to camp in a designated Basic Camping Facility, you must purchase a Basic Camping Permit for each person ages 18 and over. See Basic, Dispersed, and Self-Service Camping and Camping Fees for more information.