General Hunting Rules

General Hunting Rules and Regulations

  • All hunters must have a Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit and applicable state licenses, ie; Must hunt in Kentucky if hunter possesses a Kentucky state license. There is not a reciprocal agreement between states.
  • Be sure to report your harvest as occurring on Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
  • Remember to observe all applicable state and federal regulations.
  • Licensed motorized vehicles permitted on numbered roads only. You can find these roads on our Hunt Recreation Maps and Motorized Vehicle Use Map online under “maps” here. Other roads are for administrative access only. Parking is permitted within one vehicle length of a legal road. Avoid blocking emergency vehicle access to any road or trail. Please refrain from rutting fields and roads.
  • Unlicensed motorized vehicles are allowed only in the Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle Area and require a permit.
  • When transporting firearms in a vehicle, keep them cased and unloaded in both chamber and magazine.
  • It is unlawful to hunt within 150 yards of any developed area or trail.
  • Nature Watch Areas, wildlife refuges, safety zones around facilities, and other posted areas are closed to hunting.
  • The placement of bait or hunting over bait, including food or mineral substances, is prohibited.
  • Use of any artificial light to locate wildlife is prohibited at all times.
  • Do not use paint, tape, flagging, or other artificial materials to mark trees, trails, or routes.
  • Hunters must not be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Harassing animals or hunting out of season is prohibited.
  • Do not leave campfire rings/rocks in fields or roads.
  • To protect the future of hunting, please remain courteous and helpful to our visitors.

Deer Hunting

  • Hunting deer from horseback or with dogs is prohibited.
  • Turkey Bay is an archery-only area for deer hunting.
  • Portable tree stands and climbing devices that do not injure trees are permitted; must have name and phone number of owner on stand. Can be hung 2 weeks prior to season and must be removed 1 week after.

Small Game Hunting

  • Night hunting for coyotes is prohibited.
  • Hunting dogs must have current rabies vaccinations. Dogs must wear collars identifying owner, address, and phone number.
  • Small game hunting from horseback is permitted.
  • Air guns are permitted for small game in both Kentucky and Tennessee according to state regulations. Tennessee allows the use of air guns for furbearers and crow.

Quota Hunts

Quota Hunt Application System

  • Turkey hunters must apply online during February and be computer drawn for a quota turkey hunt permit for the first springs hunt using firearms.
  • Deer hunters must apply online during the month of July and be computer drawn for a quota deer hunt permit in October and November when using firearms.
  • Quota hunt permits must be with the hunter while hunting. All hunters 16 and older must possess a Land Between the Lakes Hunter Use Permit.