Documents for 2004 Area Plan

Documents for 2004 Area Plan

Documents – December 3, 2004  

The links below will take you to a series of printable documents in Adobe PDF format for viewing, downloading, or printing.

Land Between the Lakes Area Plan (LRMP or Area Plan)

Land Between The Lakes program managers, project leaders and Area Supervisor use the Area Plan as a decision-making guide for all future land and resource management actions.

Documents for 2004 Area Plan (PDF)

What you will find

The eight parts below comprise the main elements of the Land Between the Lakes Land and Resource Management Plan documents. You will find that the “Land and Resource Management Plan,” acronym “LRMP,” and “Area Plan” are used interchangeably. We’ve formatted all documents into PDFs for easy download and printing.

Main Elements

Area Supervisor Letter

Record of Decision

This signed document renders the Forest Service’s official decision and outlines the decision criteria for choosing the Selected Alternative.


This document highlights both the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and the Land and Resource Management Plan.

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

This two-volume document contains analysis of the wide range of physical and biological characteristics of Land Between The Lakes. It also describes the direct, indirect and cumulative effects of the four Alternatives on the landscape in Chapter 3.

Appendices to the FEIS

This is Volume 2 of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. Volume 2 contains the detailed reports and analyses that support the findings and conclusions in the Final Environmental Impact Statement.


These maps detail the various aspects of the landscape, the land allocations and the recreation and environmental education uses of Land Between the Lakes across all four Alternatives, including the Selected Alternative Y.

Biological Assessment

This document evaluates the effects of the Area Plan on federally listed endangered and threatened species and their habitats as required by the Endangered Species Act, as amended. Check out more here.

Public Concern Response

This report contains public comments on the draft plan and Environmental Impact Statement, along with the Forest Service’s responses to the comments.

Additional documents

LRMP Fact Sheet (PDF) 12/3/04
Reference Errata Sheet for Final Environmental Impact Statement (PDF) 3/4/05
LRMP Legal Notice (PDF) 12/10/04



Please direct any questions you may have about the Area Plan to Tina Tilley, Land Between the Lakes Area Supervisor, or Barbara Wysock, Area Planner, at the address below, by email at [email protected] or call 270-924-2161.

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