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Roadwork at Land Between the Lakes

This page features completed roadwork projects and road improvement updates across Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Here you can view highlights of recent roadwork improvements, stay informed of completed projects through our quarterly reports, and send us your feedback. 

Road Maintenance: Key Points

Road Reports and Resources:

  • Road maintenance requirements are outlined in the Area Management Plan.  
  • Details about legal use for each road within Land Between the Lakes can be found in the Motor Vehicle Use Map. See Motor Vehicle Use Map Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
  • Within the Motor Vehicle Use Map, you may notice that each road is assigned a Level, 1-5. The level of service provided by a specific road and the maintenance required for that road, consistent with road management objectives and maintenance criteria, is outlined below:
    -Level 5 – Roads that provide a high degree of user comfort and convenience.  Normally they are two-lane, paved facilities or aggregate surfaces with dust abatement.
    -Level 4 – Roads that provide a moderate degree of user comfort and convenience at moderate speeds. Most are two-lane and aggregate surfaced.  Some may be single lane, and some may have dust abatement.
    -Level 3 – Roads open and maintained for travel by a prudent driver in a standard passenger car. User comfort and convenience are not considered priorities.  Typically low speed, single lane with turnouts, and native or aggregate surfacing.
    -Level 2 – Roads open for use by high-clearance vehicles. Passenger car traffic is discouraged.  Traffic is minor administrative, permitted or dispersed recreation.  Non-traffic generated maintenance is minimal.
    -Level 1 – These roads are closed to motorized use for a period of one or more years.  They may be suitable and used for non-motorized uses with custodial maintenance.

On September 11, 2020, members of Between the Rivers, Inc. organized a meeting with USDA Forest Service staff to discuss the condition of cemetery roads at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Below are the notes and handout from the meeting:

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