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Update on Fox Hollow Scoping Letter

Update on Fox Hollow Scoping Letter

Dear Interested Party,

area with mostly hardwoods in Fox Hollow
An area comprised primarily of hardwoods. This spot is in between two fields that were planted in loblolly pine in Fox Hollow. There are a few loblolly pine trees visible in the back of the picture.

We received some questions about the scoping letter for Fox Hollow Project dated August 22, 2016. Many of you expected more detail to be provided. We will provide more information as it becomes available.  As part of the collaboration case study on Fox Hollow we want to involve you earlier in the process so we can consider your ideas and concerns before the project is firmly defined. Therefore, we do not have all the detail you are used to seeing at the scoping phase of a project.

We posted the information we do know about Fox Hollow on the internet at . We want to hear if you have any additional ideas, issues or concerns about the direction we are taking for the Fox Hollow Project. There will be more opportunities to comment on the Fox Hollow Project as more information becomes available.

We also want you to help us collect some of the field data in Fox Hollow. You can join us in the first opportunity to be involved in the citizen science when we collect information about the tree stands. You can find out how to get involved at this link:

Thanks for your continued interest in projects at Land Between the Lakes.


Tina Tilley
Area Supervisor


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