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Voices from the Past

Voices from the Past
Great Western Furnace 1854-56
Great Western Furnace 1854-1856

As we walked through the woods today in Fox Hollow, we came upon some former home sites. This reminded me that we have a link to original recordings of former residents who lived Between the Rivers, which became Land Between The Lakes. Take a listen to stories and voices from the past.

Constance Alexander, along with Murray State University’s WKMS NPR radio station, recorded residents’ stories and pulled them together in a series of audio programs. The Kentucky Historical Society ( offers the series in their oral history and audio visual materials collection.

Check the stories out.

Enjoy, Jan Bush

Connecting People and Place Oral History Project

“The series of interviews, conducted primarily by writer and independent radio producer, Constance Alexander, focuses on the people who lived Between the Rivers before it was designated as the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in the early 1960s. Alexander produced a radio series based on the oral history project, Connecting People and Place, which ran on Murray State University’s public radio station. Individuals discuss traditional life, family heritage, and community displacement.” Kentucky Historical Society

Above the Homeplace 1850s Farm, looking south east
Above the Homeplace 1850s Farm, looking south east

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