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Working Together-Kuttawa Landing

Working Together-Kuttawa Landing


What happens when organizations decide to work together to make the world better? Check out Kuttawa Landing on our north end to find out. (General Map)

When members of the Land Between The Lakes Sportsman’s Club attended our public budget reduction meetings back in 2012, they asked us if they could help. Eventually, the club decided to adopt Kuttawa Landing.

Kuttawa Landing
Kuttawa Landing

Since then, members have installed several picnic tables. They also maintain the area by mowing and cleaning up the trash. We continue to work together on possible future improvements to the landing.

Because of volunteers from LBL Sportsman’s Club, our visitors can once again enjoy an idyllic space for picnicking, dispersed backcountry camping, and swimming in Lake Barkley.

Kuttawa Landing
Kuttawa Landing

We encourage you to go outside and play at Kuttawa Landing. If you know a member of the club, please thank them for their work at Kuttawa Landing and making Land Between The Lakes a better place.

Thank you LBL Sportsman’s Club.

Jan Bush

Other items of interest

If you would like to know more about Land Between The Lakes Sportsman’s Club, join them for their monthly meeting the 2nd Monday of every month, at the LBL Sportsman Club Lodge.  The potluck dinner starts at 6pm followed by a guest speaker and general meeting. The Lodge is located on Peaceful Valley Road just off the 24-Interstate exit to Grand Rivers, Kentucky and Highway 453. You can also email them at [email protected].

If you want to know more about our dispersed back country camping, check out our camping page at

Remember we have 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline with multiple access points like Kuttawa and NO lifeguard.  Swim at your own risk. For more swimming information, check out

To volunteer, contact our Volunteer coordinator at 270-924-2007 or [email protected].

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