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Maps at Land Between the Lakes

Disclaimer: The legal status of Land Between the Lakes’ roads and OHV trails are subject to change. Please refer to the current Land Between the Lakes Motorized Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for official legal road/OHV trail status. The Forest Service uses the most current and complete GIS data available. GIS data accuracy may vary. Using GIS data for purposes other than those for which they were created may yield inaccurate or misleading results. The USDA Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify or replace GIS data without notification. Forest Service Law Enforcement violations will be determined by use of official Land Between the Lakes maps: MVUM, General, Recreation, Hunt Area, Campground, and Trail.


Land Between the Lakes Visitor Information and Map

Recreation Maps

Recreation Map - North End 2022

Recreation Map- South End 2022

Campground Maps

Energy Lake Campground

Hillman Ferry Campground

Piney Campground

Wranglers Campground


Canal Loop Trail Map

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail Map

Energy Lake Trail Map

Fort Henry Trail Map

Hillman Heritage National Recreation Map

Nature Station Trails Map (Central Furnace, Hematite, Honker, Long Creek, & Woodland Walk Trails)

North/South Trail - North End

North/South Trail - South End

Turkey Bay OHV Area Trail Map

Wranglers Horse Trail Map

Hunting Maps

Recreation Map - North End 2022

Recreation Map - South End 2022

Turkey Hunt Road Barricades - North

Turkey Hunt Road Barricades - South

Avenza Maps

The following are georeferenced maps to be opened using the Avenza App:

Turkey Bay 2019 Avenza

Recreation Map - North End 2022 Avenza

Recreation Map - South End 2022 Avenza

Wranglers Trail 2019 Avenza

Download the App:

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How to find Land Between the Lakes maps in Avenza:

After you have downloaded the Avenza app, go to the Map Store in Avenza and perform a search for the map titles below:

  • Land Between the Lakes North, Visitor Map
  • Land Between the Lakes South, Visitor Map
  • Land Between The Lakes – Wranglers Campground Trails
  • Turkey Bay – Land Between the Lakes

All four maps are free to download and after downloading them, will show up in “My Maps” within Avenza.

Scan the Avenza QR Code to access the North Recreation Map:

Scan the Avenza QR Code to access the South Recreation Map:

Facilities Charts

Facility Amenities on the Central and North End of Land Between the Lakes

Facility Amenities on the South End of Land Between the Lakes

Motor Vehicle Use

2024 Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

Federal Agency Map Links

Interactive Forest Service Visitor Map

National Forests and Grasslands Maps